Mr T. Linganathan graduated from the Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom in 1980 with a B Sc (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Linganathan is a Chartered Engineer, and has worked in the SCADA, Automation and Control field for over 33 years. Linganathan’s work experience includes designing and developing local solutions in the Test Instrumentation, Production Equipment, Automation and SCADA areas. Linganathan is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Mahkota Research Sdn Bhd, which manufactures and deploys the locally developed SCADA Solutions called MOMS (Mahkota Operation Management System), and the Automation Controllers - MC-88/Controllers, MC-88/PLC, MC-88/PAC, MC-88/RTU, MC-88/Telemetry, MC-88/Substation Controllers and MC-88/Dataloggers.