Yuvaraja Gopal

Mr.Yuvaraja Gopal holds a Masters degree in Industrial Safety Management from UKM. He graduated with an Engineering Diploma from the Faculty of Engineering (Mechanical) Institute of Further Technical Education Malaysia. Mr.Yuvaraja is both a registered Safety and Health Officer (Dosh Regis.:JKKP IS 127/438/2/087) and registered Noise Competent Person (DOSH Regis.: JKJ IH 127/5/3-1(N1015). He is also a competent scaffold erector – frame type and tubular type (DOSH Regis.: SL/16/98).

He has attended numerous Occupational Safety and Health conferences, seminars and training’s held throughout the country organized by Government and other professional bodies. Appointed by NIOSH Malaysia as a certified trainer and specialized in Industrial Forklift truck operation. He is a safety and health practitioner with more than 20 years of working experience with Multinational companies in Malaysia.
Yuvaraj has been a trainer for more than 15 years of professional experience engaged with NIOSH, Private consultants and many other training providers. He has acquired extensive OSH experience since 1989, his expertise and hands-on experience encompass the area of occupational safety and health management, process studies, engineering and maintenance, project management, Industrial OSH management, environmental monitoring, risk assessment, health and safety audit, Industrial accident investigation, emergency response management and safety program management.