Kamaljeet Kaur

Kamaljeet Kaur is a dynamic and budding soft-skill trainer. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Hons.) majoring in Marketing, from University Kebangsaan Malaysia. In the year 2001, she attained her Masters in Business Administration (Hons.) from the St. George University International UK, majoring in Marketing. Kamaljeet graduated with a special recommendation from the Academic Advisory Board, for having demonstrating outstanding academic performance and motivation.

At present, she has gain a reputation in the area of training and facilitating corporate programmes for prestigious international and multinational companies, such as the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC), Dumex (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia Shipyard Engineering, Samsung (SDI) Sdn. Bhd., EPA Sdn. Bhd., Globechem Sdn. Bhd., Fajar Cables Sdn. Bhd., Power Cables Sdn. Bhd. Petronas Ferlilizer Sdn. Bhd., and IMM. She has conducted various seminars, courses and workshops in the area of Business Communication at Work, English and Workplace, Business English, Business Report Writing, Personal Image and Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, and numerous other soft-skills programs.

Concurrently, she is a freelance lecturer attached with numerous colleges in the area of Marketing, Strategic Management, Management, Professional Ethics and Business Communication. Her students are generally working adults who are pursuing their Diplomas, Degrees and MBAs. In tandem she is a Tutor for the Open University Malaysia and University Tunku Abdul Rahman, where she tutors students from diversified backgrounds and render the “On-Line” learning mode to them.

Kamaljeet has gain a lot of knowledge and experience in preparing course material and course structure which is specially tailored to meet the clients needs and inserting value added knowledge, in ensuring the latest information and skills are embedded to fit the fast growing business environment.

Prior to this, she was a Marketing Officer in an International Japanese company; Daiken Sarawak Sdn. Bhd., dealing with Medium and High Density Fiberboard. Her dynamic character and mature thinking capability, enabled her to climb the corporate ladder and be at par with other senior players in the industry. This was where she had her initial encounter with the multinational companies and represented her company for various international forums, meetings and conferences dealing with the industry. She is also a certified Internal Auditor for the ISO 9001 certification. She had prepared procedures in the area of Sales and Marketing, Customer Service; which include Customer Complaint and Claims.

After completing her MBA, she then joined a Dutch Oil and Gas giant, Shell MDS Sdn. Bhd. in Bintulu as a Human Resource Development Project Executive. Her expertise was used in enhancing the human capital towards the maximum potential of each individual employee. Her ability to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel and foreign nationals, lead her to handle various projects such as, developing a internal “One-Stop” Human Resource and Corporate Affairs web-site, a team member of the Crisis Management, in the area of Media, development and up-dating Procedure, Policies, Practices Manuals for the whole SMDS company.

Kamaljeet values training and development close to her heart. Her unique training styles and personalized approach in “delivering” the knowledge has captivated the participants’ interest and most importantly enable the participants to use their new gained knowledge in use in their daily work processes.